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Since the early 60's, Omega has developed a range of high performance lubricants. By choosing them, not only the breakdowns of your machines will decrease but their operations will be improved. You will also see a decrease in daily energy consumption. Finally, the life of your machines will be extended.

General Purpose Oils

Renowned Multi-purpose Oil
for Mechanical industry needs

Gear Oils

A gear oil for guarantee the
advance of characteristics

Automotive Oils

Advanced Oil for Engine to
keep engine at peak condition

High Temp Oils

Special renowned oil for
high-temperature application


Omega Products

Recommended for Industrial & Mechanical Engines

Open Gear Waterproof grease:

-20°C / 204°C

Omega 73 Resists erosion and wiping.
it has incredible resistance to water.
For wet conditions, see very wet.

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Grease, bearings:

-7°C / 149°C

Omega 77 can withstand huge shocks. resists compression and thinning. To save your time & money, it lasts a long time in service & is resistant to water & acids.

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anti-seized food & pharmaceutical:

-30°C / 450°C

Omega 99FG Does not contain mineral hydrocarbons, peanut oil or genetically modified ingredients. Effectively prevents galling of stainless steel parts.

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Extreme pressure oil, gearboxes.

OMEGA 690 helps you to reduce noise from noisy machines. Other advantages ? Reduce the temperature in operation, it separates quickly from the water to avoid forming mayonnaise.

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OMEGA 612 Very sophisticated
multi-purpose oil. Anti-magnetic formula.

Omega 612 Lubricant product It contains special additives for long lasting protection and support the mechanismag ainst all type of wear and rust. does not attract dust or metal particles.

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OMEGA 588 Synthetic Food Grade Machine Oil,
NSF H1, Quality Halal & Kosher.

OMEGA 588 a High viscosity index. Anticorrosion and anti-oxidation. Excellent air release properties. Compatible with seals and hoses. It lengthens the lubrication interval.

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Quality Demonstration

Product Testing

Omega 57 Super Bearing Grease

OMEGA 73 Waterproof Open Gear Grease

OMEGA 77 Super All Purpose Lubricant

OMEGA 85 Shear Sensation Plus

OMEGA 690 Super EP Gear Oil

OMEGA 917 Seal Saver

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